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From an early age Kevin showed a keen interest in cars.

After leaving school, Kevin did a mechanics apprenticeship and purchased his first V-8. You could say he’s a jack of all trades, having had a go at almost anything, including working for an engineering firm, working in an Australian steel mill, returning to NZ to engineering, then had a complete change of career by owning his own butchery.

After a life changing holiday to the USA to attend the 50th anniversary of Bonneville Speedweek, Utah (August 1998), Kevin and his wife purchased a 1963 ½ Ford Galaxie, which was fully restored by Kevin when it returned to NZ.

Following the restoration of the Galaxie, Kevin had numerous requests from people to restore their projects, so Timeless Auto Restorations was born - offering:

tick Full restoration or “scratch build”
tick Vinning/Certification compliance
tick Detailing work


In addition to auto restorations, Kevin is also building BRAND NEW “Retro” style caravans. From the exterior, the caravans look like they are from the 60’s, however every component is BRAND NEW. The caravans can be customised to suit – you can have as many Bells ‘n’ Whistles as you want.

Building new Caravans and restoring Classic Cars is a passion and a privilege for Kevin - and it shows in the finished product.

Feel free to give him a call on 0274 436 458




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